How to Cope with Stress

Start Rethinking the Way You Think About Stress

Experts can say with certainty that stress has a measurable effect on both our mental health and our physical well-being. From weight gain to skin conditions, digestive issues to migraines, and an increase in feelings of anxiety and depression, stress has a lot of power over determining our quality of life.

Unfortunately, we live in a culture where a majority of people still view stress as something trivial and out of our control. Both of these understandings are false, and I created this email series, How to Cope with Stress, because I want to start changing the narrative.

If you’re interested in learning about how to recognize the effects of stress, gain a better understanding of what stress is, and how to start building resilience to cope with it, don’t miss out on this resource!

Meet Becky Johnson, the Facilitator of How to Cope with Stress

My own path to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight into the many challenges you encounter on a daily basis. Being available for you and bringing a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding to your unique circumstance is what you can expect when we work together.
With over thirty years of experience in the wellness field, I bring insights from working with each client. Numerous clients have recovered from circumstances involving physical pain, they have begun making healthier choices around the foods they eat and beverages they drink, and created a lifestyle that leads them toward the life they've always dreamed of living.
If you are looking for guidance, an accountability partner, a coach - look no further! I'm here to help you save time and effort as you develop that ever-elusive lifestyle that you've been longing for. You do the work...but I'm with you every step of the way.

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Stress and the Stress Cycle

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and it manifests in a multitude of ways throughout our body and mind, and shifts our perspective on the world around us.

Although stress is inevitable, it isn’t unmanageable. Many people just don’t understand how the stress cycle works within the body, and therefore don’t know how to manage it effectively.

For example, instead of dealing with the issues that are causing discomfort at work, we reach for a glass of wine. After a fight with our partner, we buy a pint of ice cream to drown our sorrows in. Unfortunately, by using quick and temporary fixes for the stress in our lives, we aren’t allowing ourselves to complete the stress cycle, thus creating an environment for stress to stay stuck in our bodies.

My goal for this resource is to prove to you that there are ways for you to manage your stress effectively, as long as you start accepting that stress is going to be an ever-present part of your life and that it’s up to you to find unique and personalized ways to grapple with it.

That’s what I’ll be exploring and discussing in my How to Cope with Stress Email Series. I hope that you decide to join me!

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